Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Broughton Group, British Columbia

September 30, 2014
Lagoon Cove
Docked at:  50 35.8 N 126 18.8 W

Rounding Cape Caution in the early morning hours to make the run across Queen Charlotte Strait between passing storms. We picked our window well and had a nice smooth trip.

The night before the crossing we stayed in Jones Cove which is very tight and required two lines to be run to shore to keep LightSpeed centered in the very very tight little Cove.  We had settled conditions for the tie, but felt the shore lines were prudent considering the forecast for gale force wind overnight. If not for the very settled conditions it would not be possible to keep a boat of LightSpeed's size centered in the cove while lines were run out to shore.
 Catching tons of prawns and crab.
  Beautiful sunshine all day yesterday... happy to be back to the Pacific Northwest.
  Pulled 65 nice spot prawns on the first set and 55 on the second soak of just over 1 hour.