Monday, September 01, 2014

Clear and cold in Shearwater Bay, Kodiak

September 1, 2014

Clear and cold in Shearwater Bay, Kodiak

Anchor Position: 57 20.7 N 152 53.4 W

Another blissfuly calm night at anchor, our sample size is pretty small, but we like the weather a lot better here on Kodiak vs the Alaskan Peninsula. The NOAA forecast for the last two days was Northwest 25 and the vast majority of the time it was less than 10 knots with a max of maybe 15. Clear skies overnight and our cabin temperature this morning is 44F with outside a tad colder at 40F. My fingers are getting pretty numb typing this message, but that won't last for long as the Espar D4 Airtronic heater is going full tilt. No bear sightings, so we'll move along today looking for more Kodiak brown bears on our way to Kodiak town about 60nm distant.

That's it for now.

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