Friday, September 19, 2014

Exposed inlet a nice anchorage near Prince Rupert

September 19, 2014

Exposed Inlet, Kelwnuggit Inlet, Grenville Channel, British Columbia

Anchor Position: 53 39.5 N 129 42.26 W

We made the 50nm run from Prince Rupert to Exposed Inlet, much of the time in pouring rain and grey dense fog.  Keeping watch for logs requires ones full attention and even so we had a few close calls as they'd quickly appear out of the fog.

With flat water, flat light and thick fog you an hardly see these ducks even though they are very near the boat.  A big radar screen comes in handy in these conditions, but it doesn't help spot logs.

Exposed inlet offers great protection in SE winds, but would be entirely exposed to the long fetch of Grenville Channel in NW winds.  With SE gale and storm warnings for Hecate Strait we enjoyed a nearly windless night tucked into Exposed inlet.

The estuary at the head of the bay is fun to explore by dinghy and would be perfect for kayaks, lots of potential for wildlife viewing and good crabbing.  Nearby Brodie Lake spills into Kelwnuggit Inlet with a small waterfall at 53 40.17 N 129 42.78 W and this would certainly be a good place to spot bears.
 Brodie Lake falls from a distance.
 Kathy taking a look around the falls
 Moss on these trees is good reminder that it's often foggy and wet here in Kelwnuggit Inlet
 It looks like she's playing air guitar.
LightSpeed anchored in Exposed inlet as viewed from the estuary at the head of the bay.

We made a quick foray ashore and between salmon jumping up the falls and the strong odor of bears this would be a great spot to see some bears fishing in the early morning hours.