Monday, September 29, 2014

Lagoon Cove

September 29, 2014

Lagoon Cove Marina

Dock Location: 50 35.8N 126 18.8 W

Yep, we must be the last cruisers out here as the super popular Lagoon Cove Marina is all ours.  165 acres of forest with nice trails and a huge dock all to ourselves.

The temporary caretakers Sunny and Simon are shutting off the gen-set, so no time to upload stories or pictures at the moment.  Plus, it's sunny so we're going to take a walk to the lookout, blow hole and take the deer trail loop.

By the end of the day a few more boats trickled in just in time to organize an evening get together.

Simon and Sunny (on the left) are retired cruisers and were wonderful hosts regaling us with endless stories and warm hospitality.

That's it for now.