Friday, September 05, 2014

Sailing across the Gulf of Alaska

September 5, 2014

Long Island, Alaska (Near Kodiak)

Anchor Position:  57 46.2 N  152 16.4 W

Cruising season in Alaska is quickly coming to a close.  A major storm brewing to the west is a sure sign that summer is nearly over and we're taking the impending storm as a sign that we need to get moving or face the wrath of winter in Alaska.  Despite the big storm on the way, our Gulf of Alaska weather window looks pretty good, if anything not enough wind and we anticipate flying the spinnaker for day or more of the 3-4 days it should take to make 585nm in light winds.

This was the GFS mode for about 24 hours after we left Kodiak on our way to Sitka.  On the right side of the image you can see the 976 low that we felt was heralding in fall.

This morning I changed oil, filters and fuel filters on both engines, discovered a leaking water pump, changed that out and then fabricated a new throttle cable bracket for the rusty one that was about to fail.

Long Island anchorage is really nice with excellent protection and a solid holding mud bottom.  The island is bear free making it perfect for a beach BBQ and a few lakes on the island are full of Trout and Dolly Varden adding more fishing fun.

Lots of stories to catch up on while we have some free time during our passage.  Stay tuned.

View from the ridge above Saint Paul Harbor, Kodiak

That's it for now.