Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shearwater, BC Blackberry picking between rain showers

September 24, 2014

Shearwater, BC

Autumn is officially here and we've a long way to go, however this is a good place to hide from the raging weather offshore.  It's nasty off the north end of Vancouver island with 53 knots gusting to 62! 64 knots is a Category 1 hurricane, cyclone or typhoon depending on what they call it regionally. Here in Shearwater we're somehow dodging the winds and it's pretty calm despite the prediction for gale force for the last day.   Current forecasts can be viewed here:

 s/v Mahina Tiare III at the dock here at Shearwater.  I had a nice chat with John Neal today and look forward to sharing an anchorage with John and Amanda sometime soon.

 Sunny break between rain showers and we headed out for a hike.
Then we found some nice plumb Blackberries and headed back to the boat for our berry picking buckets.  Kathy, bucket in hand balances on a board walk called the Spirit Trail as we seek out more berry bushes.    Dave make a pint of Blackberry jam, Kathy and Dave collaborated on a beautiful Blackberry pie and tonight's fresh silver salmon fillets were topped with a fresh blackberry reduction. Yumm.