Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blake Island

October 22, 2014
Blake Island, Seattle area, Washington State, USA

With millions of people within only a few miles.  I could hardly believe I had all 475 acres of Blake Island State park all to myself.  I had a nice walk across the island and around the sandy spit on the NW corner.  In the thick forest I hear the call of eagles as I snacked on some huckleberries.  

Here's a link courtesy of Dave Bechtel that give some great insights in to the history of Blake Island.

Blake Island, NW Sandspit
 LightSpeed with small craft harbor docks all to herself.  At $0.60 a foot a night this is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city only 7 miles distant
 Geese, Deer and Raccoon were everywhere, but not a human to be found.
A ornately carved totem pole stands tall at the traditional camping spot of the Suquamish Indians.  Today, this this beautifully decorated Long House is a great place for Seattle visitors to take in a traditional dance performance and enjoy a delicious lunch of NW salmon cooked over a alder wood fire.