Sunday, October 26, 2014

Washington and Oregon Bar reports, current conditions and live cameras

October 26, 2014

Port Angeles, Washington

Stormy weather persists offshore, so we'll continue to hold up here in Port Angeles.  Neah Bay is the typical jumping off point for boats heading south, but limited internet and phone service in Neah Bay would hamper our productivity and significantly limit our ability to monitor the weather further down the coast.   It's only 50 miles to Neah Bay, so if we catch the tide right and get a nice 8-9 knot ride out the Strait of Juan de Fuca it's only 6-7 hours, all the services here in Port Angeles far outweigh the benefits of waiting for an indefinite time period in Neah Bay.

Coast Map
Bar Cameras for the above harbors and current bar conditions can be found on a cool web page here:

Columbia River Bar reports and Bar report phone numbers can be found here: