Saturday, November 08, 2014

Crossing the bar in the dark

November 8, 2014
Newport, Oregon

Crossing the bar in the dark

It's midnight and we just tied to the dock in Newport, Oregon.  Having knocked off 110nm of our 570nm voyage to San Francisco, I think we've earned a nice restful night at the dock. No reason not to stop given the spectacular weather outlook.

Crossing the Yaquina river bar presented no difficulties, conditions were pretty calm and we caught the last of the flood tide with text book timing.

Using our Autopilots 'Navigation mode' set to follow a pre-planed route we leveraged technology to off load the steering task.   We were still in command of the helm, just more focus on monitoring range lights, flashing navigation buoys and using our eyeballs to look for hazards and other vessels.  The radar is also a very useful, but not necessary tonight as we had good visibility with clear skies.

Crossing one of the local bars this time of night would probably be more risky.

 Radar on our 23" monitor was easy on the eyes.  We're just leaving the first range as we turn at the green buoy and picking up the second range to take us under the bridge.
 We're safely tied to the dock
Chart minus the radar overlay

In the middle of the this post, I was interrupted by a cat overboard situation.  Shell our beloved boat cat somehow found the 1 foot gap between the boat and the dock.  I quickly pulled her out of the water and gave her a warm rinse in the kitchen sink.

 Shell looking like a rough alley cat.
Shell preparing to try to lick her fur dry.

That's it for now