Friday, November 21, 2014

Finding a liveaboard slip for LightSpeed

November 21, 2014
Ballena Isle Marina Alameda, California

With housing prices in the San Francisco Bay area pushing toward the stratosphere, live-aboard moorage has become a scarce commodity as well.  Multi-year wait lists are common and combined with a multi-hull boat nearly impossible.  We were resolved to a long search and lots of bouncing around... a permanent slip was but a distant dream.

All I can say is a HUGE thanks to South Pacific cruising friends Steve and Carol, we now have an excellent slip at Bellena Isle Marina in Alameda!
LightSpeed is now on 'D' dock at Ballena Isle Marina
We still need to head up to Napa Valley Marina for a haul-out and bottom paint and then sometime in early December we'll move into our slip on 'D' dock.

Ballena Isle Marina looking west toward downtown San Francisco.
Ballena Isle Marina looking east across Alameda.