Sunday, November 09, 2014

Port Orford, Oregon anchorage

November 9, 2014
Port Orford, Oregon

We're choosing a cruising approach to the transit of Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  Sure, we could be in San Francisco by now if we pushed a bit, but we're cruisers and find much more enjoyment in harbor hopping if the weather permits.  Tomorrow, we'll make the 65 nautical mile hop to Crescent City, California, then the next day the 64 miles to Eureka. 

Light southerly winds today, then calm as we approached the anchorage at Port Orford, Oregon.  We planned to keep moving if the anchorage looked ugly, otherwise stop and enjoy another good nights rest. Based on our past experience, Port Orford has excellent holding sand in about 30' just east of the jetty. Crabbing is excellent.   If swell conditions permit you can tie your dinghy to the ladder on the wharf and go for a walk ashore.

Port Orford, anchorage ~30' in excellent holding sand