Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Haul out at Napa Valley Marina

Guiding on to the bunks at Napa Valley Marina, Napa California.  Yep, we're hauling out in wine country.

Ready to come out of the water.

This trailer is pretty cool.
Pressure washing.  Bottom paint still looks great.  Just blowing off the slime.   We'll sand and prep and paint with International Ultra with Biolux
Prepping for paint on the port bow.  Paint failed just above waterline as a result of a well intentioned helper at our last haulout in Fiji.  Our helper used some unknown 'cleaner' on the hull on this section,  I noticed the strange smell and stopped him.  Later the hull paint failed, then thousands of miles of rushing water peeled off some more paint.

 This photo shows the pristine condition of LightSpeeds Baltec core and epoxy construction.   What I love is the perfectly fair hull, there is zero bog on the hull... just paint.    Bog is fairing filler that it is used to smooth things out.  Zero bog is a great indicator of true craftsmanship by the builder Lombardi Yachts in Virgina, USA and makes for a light high performance boat.