Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dew Dew Dew de da da da

January 18, 2015

Dew dew dew dew De Da Da Da 
Don't think me unkind
Dry decks are hard to find
They are only a sign of more painting time...

All morning I've been humming Sting's Do Do Do song.  The boat yard is getting pretty boring, especially when we have foggy mornings that keep the decks covered with dew.  Today is extra Dew Dew Dewy.

Dew on a deck winch this morning.

Every night we get some dew.  However, when we have heavy dew and foggy conditions it either ruins the previous days work or delays any new work until the fog has lifted and the decks have warmed and dried.  Today it's already 9:30 AM and the fog is still super thick with no indication that it intends to burn off.  Last week we had an entire day where the fog never abated.

The ongoing BIG GIGANTIC MASSIVE project is repainting the decks.  Progress is going slow due to the Dew Dew Dew.

Here is a break down of the steps involved.

Remove deck hardware
Clean out holes to remove old sealant
Wipe clean with solvent
Temporarily fill penetrations with epoxy putty (to keep out the next days dew).
Sand again
Now the surrounding deck is ready for prep
Fill any imperfections
Wipe areas to be painted with solvent to clean any contaminants
Paint areas to remain white
Sand in between coats
Pray for no rain or heavy dew
Final paint areas to remain white
IF paint is still shinny in the morning Hurrah.  Move to next step.  If not, repeat sanding and painting step.
Let paint dry for a few days
Tape off newly painted white areas
Wipe areas to be painted with solvent to clean any contaminants
Paint a section of Awlgrip Whisper Grey
Let it dry overnight
Paint areas again with Gray paint.
Sprinkle in non-skip while paint is still wet.
Let dry overnight
Pray for light dew and no rain.
Paint again
Remove masking
Clean deck hardware
Purchase new bolts
Trim new bolts to length
Install new bolts with sealant
Whew.  One area is now done and you can move to the next.

That's it for now.