Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year! Epic boat projects.

January 11, 2015

Napa, California

Yep, LightSpeed is still on the hard.  We had a buyer before the holiday, he flew out to inspect LightSpeed and after a full days inspection, we put a deal together. Unfortunately, the buyer could not arrange financing within the agreed time frame and the terms expired.   A real bummer as we liked his plans for LightSpeed

The good news is we have many interested parties and expect something to happen quickly.

In the interim, we've been wrapping up projects.  We're proceeding as if we're prepping LightSpeed for another huge multi-year adventure far from any support services in the wilds of the Pacific. Yes, there's a little wishful thinking going into decisions on preparations, on the wild chance we didn't need to sell.  We truly wish we could afford to keep on sailing LightSpeed instead of selling.

This last week it was new Yanmar SD20 diaphragm kits.  This requires the engines be unbolted and moved forward off their mounts,  then the saildrives can be removed from the boat for service and new diaphragms installed.

With the engines unbolted we installed new motor mounts, not because they were broken, just because it was the thing to do, ensuring trouble free operations for thousands of engine hours down the line.  Plus, plenty more of that 'just because' thinking we installed new alternators.  Then routine maintenance such as new coolant, oil and filter.  Yep, the engine and engine rooms are looking really good, spic and span after a deep clean when the saildrives, exhaust system and engines were out of the way.

There are four Atlantic 42's currently for sale.  Two on the East coast and two on the West coast.  I've personally seen two of the other boats which lends conviction to our firm price near the top.

Boats require constant attention and updates to maintain a high level of reliability.   It's not just about 'maintenance' or just fixing what's broken, it's about preemptive replacement and upgrade of gear, so the vessel improves with age.  It's also about what spares to have aboard.  LightSpeed's systems are continuously refined for reliability and optimized for ease of use, then of course tested with thousands of ocean miles!

Currently, we're pulling deck hardware, inspecting each deck penetration, fixing any problems, priming, renewing non-skid and painting the decks.  It's a monumental project that will take probably 3 more weeks of solid labor.   The main traveler has 62 bolts alone!  Did I mention this is an epic huge project!!!

We're also pulling the tracks that secure the trampoline to the under wing.  Tons more bolts nuts and washers.  However, these fasteners are going to be eliminated and replaced with a really cool detail for lashing the trampoline like that found on the ORMA 70 trimarans.   Another massive project, but the new detail will have a super clean modern aesthetic, be super strong, lighter and eliminate all those potentially leaky bolts.  Look for progress pictures soon.

Inventorying upgrades since July 2010...all this stuff has been replaced:

Twin Raycor fuel filter housings
Fuel hoses
Exhaust hoses
Raw water hoses
Engine throttle cables
Transmission control cables
Alternators 2015
Engine wiring loom
Engine control panels (tachs, ext).
Sail drives
Motor mounts 2015
Engine room ventilators 2014
Engine room blowers 2015... need to install.

Domestic water heater 2014
Water heater hoses and header tank 2014

Cabin heater exhaust hose 2014
Cabin heater thermostat

Propane solenoid 2014
Propane sniffer and switch  2014

Galley under counter lighting 2015
Salon reading laps 2015
Lewmar size 60 interior hatch trim

Shower pump 2014
Bilge pump switches 2015

Navigation PC 2014

Inverter/batter charger 2013

Drogue attachment points 2014

Rebed deck hardware... in progress
Deck painting and non-skid... in progress
Trampoline lashing rail... in progress

New anti-fouling bottom paint 2015
Topsides paint touch up, polish and wax 2015
Interior varnish touch up excluding floors 2014

Simrad 3G radar 2014
Simrad NMEA 2000 GPS 2014
Simrad IS20 Wind/Depth/Speed/Water temp 2014
Simrad over sized Autopilot 2011

The list of new or upgrades continues on and on.

That's it for now.