Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bay to Breakers 12K

Today marked the 104th running of San Francisco's rowdy Bay to Breakers 12K. After a hard day of sailing the Knarr on Saturday, soaking wet and pretty well frozen, I met Kathy in San Francisco.  Kathy cashed in some hotel points and we stayed at the Marriott in the city overnight, quite luxurious for Dave who has mostly been sleeping on boats for nearly 10 years.

It was kind of lame, seeing how we could have a big Saturday night out in the city, but we were both exhausted, Kathy had just wrapped up 2 weeks on the road and walked 5 miles in the city, and Dave 7 hours as wet foredeck guy on the bay.  So after dinner we headed to our room for an early evening in preparation for Sunday's big foot race. 

Sunday morning it was off to the races with about 50,000 other runners, walkers and rowdy revelers.   It's a 12K run from the bay, up and through the city, Golden Gate park and eventually to the surf pounded shores of the Pacific Ocean.  Flamboyant costumes abound and sometimes participants bare all, for it is San Francisco after all.  

 Near the start of the race we're in 29,000th place.
We had a strong finish with these super men at just under 3 hours.  For comparison, the ultra runners top man finished in 35 minutes and super woman in 40 minutes.

 Yep, 50,000 participants.
 This guy looks like a lot of cruisers we know.   Did he teleport here from the South Pacific? Or get ship wrecked here?
Girls in front of us get a snap with some boys with only gold glitter and angle wings for a costume.  You may not want to zoom in here😱