Sunday, June 21, 2015

Too fun to call work... Sailing with Club Nautique

It's too fun to call 'work'.  Dave is spending lots of time of the water as a sailing instructor at Club Nautique.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate in the background.

 Olga, Mike and Sebastian.

 Mattia, Ali and Massimo aboard a Beneteau 33 for Basic Cruising Class.   Mattia owns and runs 'Italian Homemade company' an Italian restaurant and deli at 716 Columbus in San Francisco, Ali is a brit who lives in Peru and Massimois an Italian baker in the city.
 Steve Saul (Club Nautique instructor) and students Matia and Ali having fun during day 2 of Basic cruising 2.  June 17, 2015.
 John, Carol, John and Rich after a full day of sailing aboard a Colgate 26 for Basic Keelboat day 1.  June 20, 2015

 Mike, Carol and Rich looking good on their second day with Basic Keelboat 1.  June 20, 2015

Basic Crusing with instructor Aki and students Lil, Dana and Carl.  June 22, 23, 2015.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Future of pad eyes?

Pad eyes by Solo Sails look pretty nice with simplicity of design and install and hyper light weight.   Perhaps too much reliance on sealant to keep out the water that's going to accumulate in the base of the fitting.  Salt build up in the base is a certainty in hot climates, freezing could also be a issue in high latitudes.


Advantages of Soft Padeyes

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Reversing winches: Easing sheets at the touch of a button.

Reversing winches:  Easing sheets at the touch of a button.

Selden, Lewmar and Harken which is the best?  Check out the videos below.

I like the Selden design as the winch incorporates reversing with no apparent compromise and no reliance on electrical motors.

Lewmar looks pretty good if you want to go down the road of a heavy dependence on electricity.

Harken incorporates the maximum amount of features, but the requirement to flip the red switch on the base of the winch seems cumbersome.