Friday, July 10, 2015

Sailing Dinghy wish list

Wow these are nice.  Oars either 8' to 8'-6" should be perfect with the Leman 12's  4'-6" beam.

Hatchet oars would look really cool.
Image result for scull oars
Concept2 has some 9' sculling oars for $490 with carbon shafts, Fat2 blades and traditional basswood handels that would be the ultimate, but probably too long.

Oar Clamps to ensure oars don't get stolen.

Edson Oar Locking Device

D Sleaves to go with Douglas oarlocks

D sleeves used with Douglas oarlocks to orient the blade perpendicular to the water on the power stroke and at a 6° inclination for the return stroke

 Image result for Douglas OarlocksImage result for Douglas OarlocksImage result for Douglas Oarlocks

Oarlock sleeves might look like these and epoxy'd into the new rails.
Image result for oar lock sleeve Image result for oar lock sleeve

Dinghy fenders might be 'Pool Noodles' inside UV resistant durable white covers.  The idea is to emulate traditional fenders material with modern shock absorbing materials that have more flotation. These Gunnel Guard products pictured are really nice, but pretty pricey at $7.50 a foot

   Image result for Gunnel Guard

Sails and rigging.
A free standing Laser 14 rig in lieu of the original stayed mast would eliminate standing rigging, halyards and the pesky task of hoisting sail.  A Laser sail can be furled around the mast when not in use and a further modification with velcro attachments might really ease sail handling.
Strap open.
Sail strap is velcro and in open position
Strap closed.
Velcro secured.

The Chuck Paine 14 is really sweet, but too big and way too heavy at 850 pounds for a yacht tender.  I really like the end boom sheeting arrangement, large flotation chambers fore and aft and the side benches.
The most beautiful yacht you could ever own.