Friday, October 02, 2015

Delta water ski reunion by Kathy

Post by Kathy Kane:  

LightSpeed finally made it up to the Delta for a few days.  I've been wanting to take the boat up the Delta all summer, but Dave has been working and the boat has been in bits while he works on projects.   I took the old CSULB water-ski team driving all the way up from SoCal to get us out of Alameda.  Thanks gang for making the trip up!
This is the Delta.  Peaceful with bits of nature and lots of smooth water for skiing.
We weren't completely sure if we could get the boat all the way up to where we wanted to go or not, you know with that big pole, called a mast, and all those bridges.  Plus one of delta arms we were planning to navigate up was closed as they are building a dam.
Skinny channels and murky waters.
Ferry crossing.
Julie, Pam and Kathy demonstrating safety procedures aboard LightSpeed
Kathy off to try some water skiing.  It's been a long time and she didn't get up on her first try, so embarrassing!   Also Julie, Pam, Dan, Virg and Rick.
Kathy with Pam at the wheel.
Diva's Julie, Kathy and Pam and some random drunk lady singing karoake at the Rusty Porthole bar.
Are we in college still?  ... a drinking club with a water ski problem.  Dan, Julie, Kathy and Matt hooting it up on the boat ride from the Rusty port hole bar and back to the house we rented on the water.
Almost all the gang...Greg, Sonja, Kathy, Matt, Julie, Rick, Pam, Dan and Dave.
About 5pm on our last night a cold front came through and the temp dropped about 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.
Everyone will all our warm clothes on.  Hey they look better on your guys!

Where will we meet up next year???