Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Voyage Planner - Distances between ports

Voyage planner - Distances between ports Central California to Baja Mexico.
Click on the table to enlarge.

After nearly a year in San Francisco, the dock lines are off again, LightSpeed is headed to San Diego in search of warmer winter weather.   Kathy is away on a two week  business trip to Japan and China, so I'm running the boat down the coast over the course of the next week.  No rush, just harbor hopping, so far I've stopped for the night at Half Moon Bay and Monterey and plan to swing to anchor tonight in San Simeon Bay.  The weather is unexpectedly calm, forecasts for 5-15 are mostly 5 or less, so motoring in glassy seas at the moment.  In the course of some voyage planning I got a bit carried away and created this distance table.