Friday, December 04, 2015

San Diego

December 4, 2015

We've been in San Diego for a little over a month and enjoying our new home base.

The weather is pretty much perfect and we're finding really good energy in the boating community with lots of past, present and future cruisers around. So far we've been bouncing around the various anchorages and checking things out.  It's not confirmed yet, but we have a good lead on a marina berth on Shelter Island and as a backup have our name on a list for a mooring in America's Cup Harbor... too bad the wait list is 4-6 years long!

Kathy is on the road or jetting somewhere between 1-3 weeks a month for work, when she's home it's pretty long days as well with work starting before sunrise and going past sunset.  Dave is working on a number of projects from a new business website, boat projects to cool 3D printer projects.  The primary project has yet to be unveiled, but here are a few fun 3D prints.
 Printing ball inside a ball... the perfect cat toy.

DB15 cover for Kathy's dad at HMS electronics.

Occasionally we sneak in some fun.  Today we took a 20+ mile bike ride on Coronado Island.  We were riding side by side aka: 'CHiPs' style from the 1970's TV show.

And this pretty huge Golpher Snake crossed our path nearly causing a crash,  Kathy screamed and swerved into me.  It was all pretty funny since no one got hurt, not even the snake.

The day before yesterday we took in a long sunset beach stroll, last week a ride out to the Point Loma Lighthouse.
Beach stroll near 'The Del Coronado'
 From the Del looking toward Point Loma.

 From Point Loma lighthouse looking toward Coronado
 Near point Loma

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