Saturday, May 14, 2016

Newport to Tillamook

May 14, 2016 @ 9AM
Underway Newport to Tillamook Oregon
44 40N 124 06W

Welcome back to the PNW.
All that rain is making seeing the crab gear all the more difficult.
Crab floats with floating line

Any time you're in less than 70 fathoms or 420 feet, you are going to see the ocean dotted with crab gear.  Over the course of a day I will see many hundreds of these propeller tangling floats and quite regularly take avoiding action. It would be fine and simple if I could just run in deep water, but getting out to deep water is not so simple.  Off Newport Oregon I would need to travel 20 miles directly offshore before finding 70 fathoms an unacceptable detour.  So, thus the need to stay constantly focused on avoiding crab gear and the extra fatigue that comes with it.  ay!

Got a chance to sleep in today to accommodate the correct timing for bar crossings at both Newport and Tillamook.  Since sea conditions were light I wanted to leave Newport on the ebb to get the extra boost of speed heading out and more importantly, I wanted to plan my arrival at the Tillamook bar for the flood tide to get a nice push up the river.

Arrived in Newport on Friday amidst a recreational halibut opener and some 600 small boats.  This presented a bit of a challenge at the fuel dock which was packed with at least a dozen boats and as many more waiting.  All these boats wanted gasoline and the diesel pumps had no callers, but were blocked by the cue.  I docked at the transient dock and walked to the fuel dock, the goal was to negotiate a space in the cue to access the diesel pump and hopefully avoid a fist fight in the process.  I spoke with all 12 boats on the dock and the crew of the fuel dock and then jogged back to Lightspeed and whipped over to the fuel dock parking perfectly Capt'n Ron style.  I got my 34 gallons and moved back to the transient dock with no incident with the unruly and somewhat drunk fishermen.  I guess that UW Fuskies win/win negation class I took maybe 15 years ago finally paid off as dealing with all these Oregon Ducks and Beavers is no small feat. Or more likely it was the superior education I got at WSU.

Next order of business was heading to Rogue for a beer and dinner.

Rogue 4 hop IPA

Newport is my favorite stop on the coast as you can walk over to Rogue brewing and grab a beer at the very authentic and original tasting room inside the factory.  I had a nice chat with Dan a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Special Agent and some Albacore fish and chips.

Looks at the weather forecast, it looks like we'll be delayed in Astoria, Oregon, so called the Port of Astoria on the off chance I could schedule a haulout for Monday.  Talked to Steve the yard manager and we're hauling out on Monday at 10AM.

Boat yard projects;
Paint bottom
Remove GORI 2 blade folding propellers for refurbishment, which could take many months as they may need to go back to the factory in Denmark.
Install fixed blade temporary propellers.
Change oil and seals in sail drives.
Change zincs.

Should be a quick haul out as no major projects planned... yep, well see how that goes.  Kathy should be back on board around the 22nd, so goal is to be back in the water and looking for weather to head up the Washington coast. 


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  1. Hey Dave, Your post somehow popped into my news feed. Glad to see you're on the road again.

    I was moving a friend's boat in Seattle last week and spotted an Atlantic 42 docked along the ship canal. Made me think of you guys. Hope you are well.