Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tillamook to Astoria

May 15, 2016 @ 8AM
Tillamook to Astoria
45 40N 123 57W

Rain, fog and very low clouds, made for an authentic welcome to the Pacific Northwest fishing village of Garibaldi  just inside Tillamook harbor.  I pulled up to the Garibaldi Marina dock and considered staying for the night, but $25 and no power hookup compelled me to anchor in the bay.  I wouldn't recommend anchoring out as the currents in the bay are super strong, maybe more than 2 knots, which I found out later in the evening.  I tried my luck at crabbing, but only caught small ones, so no crab for dinner.  

Yesterday we had a small bird visit, the second in two days.  I think these little guys get lost in the fog and stop at the boat for a rest.  This little guy was wet and exhausted when he landed.  I put out some bread crumbs, but the tiny little thing couldn't settle and never fueled up.  The little bird kept hopping around the boat, much to the delight of boat kitty Shell who tracked every movement from the comfort of the warm cabin.  At one point I opened the door and the bird immediately few in and Shell took to the chase.  Little bird ended up perched behind the computer monitor and out of reach.  Shell was beside herself and walking all over the computer.  Eventually, I shooed the bird back outside and sadly late in the day I found him expired.  I think it was exhaustion and exposure as I kept Shell from harassing him.

Taking it slow today as the Columbia river bar doesn't turn to flood until around 5PM and even with light winds and minimal seas, I'll wait for flood tide.  Currently anchored in about 50' off Nehalem Beach trying for more crab.

Little bird stopped to take a break from the fog and rain.

Shell probably wouldn't make it in the wild as I think she is scared of this tiny bird.


Twin Rocks near Tillamook Oregon.

Early morning on the Pacific coast of Oregon.

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