Saturday, March 04, 2017

End of a journey Atlantic 42 catamaran Sold.

October 10, 2018  Update -

It's a bit surreal, Lightspeed is SOLD we're feeling a bit sad, it's the end to a very significant chapter of our lives.  10 years living aboard and nearly 50,000 nautical miles.

Track of Lightspeed July 2011 to September 2014

25,000 of our 65,000 ocean miles in the last 10'ish years.  This lap of the Pacific took us from Sitka, Alaska to Sitka, Alaska between July 2011 and September 2014.


The next chapter of our life off to a great start.  We live in what we believe to be the best part of the world and certainly the best part of the USA.  The San Juan Island Archipelago is as good or better than anywhere we've traveled during our great sailing adventure.   Surrounded by pristine waters, abundant wildlife and amazing beauty all we could ask for is a few more sunny days.

Nearly every islander we meet is here because they want to be here, you certainly don't live here because it's convenient, cheap or for the abundance of job options.  We choose to live here because we share common values about the environment, local food, sustainability and because we deeply value community and the concept of being good neighbors.

Although San Juan island is the economic hub of the 100+ island archipelago, it's still a small place of about 10,000 year round residents.   Much of the island retains it's rural character and pastoral landscape thanks to the ongoing efforts of the San Juan County Land Bank and Preservation Trust who own thousands of acres, now in conservation and insulated from development.  Like all small towns, integrating  doesn't happen overnight as outsiders are given a warm welcome and smile, but often viewed with a bit of suspicion.  It might also be the desensitization of 1.5 million annual visitors enjoy the islands, people need to know you are really 'here' before investing too much time in new friendships.  Making friends is definitley a bit harder than in our past sailing days where fast friends were made in minutes of anchoring in a new place.   Thing go slower here on the island, so we're really putting ourselves out there in our newly adopted community.  Our goal is to make at least one new connection a day and really get involved in the community though participation, joining organizations, helping neighbors in need and doing lots of volunteer work.

As part of our transition to land, our beloved sailing catamaran and home Lightspeed is now for sale as we pursue opening a new chapter of our life.

We're on the hunt for farm-able land, not sure how will all look in the end, but looking forward to hard tangible work, tractors and barns and chickens.  We hope our farm business will earn it's keep and provide for a lifestyle retirement business and are working diligently to ensure the business plan is sound.   In the intervening years we'll keep multitasking!

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