Saturday, June 17, 2006

Update 4-3-06 Day 2 of Crossing from Mexico to Marquesas Islands

It's pretty weird to sail away from a perfectly good continent and not expect to see land again for 20+ days. It is now our second day underway bound for the South Pacific island group called the Marquesas. Yesterday, everyone was feeling a little sea sick and any activity requiring a trip into the cabin was not so popular unless, it was to get some sleep. Julie who has crossed the Atlantic twice was wise enough to pre-cook an awesome lasagna which was really nice for dinner last night. Today, everyone is feeling fine as we have all gained our sea legs.

The excitement for yesterday was “blowing up” a spinnaker. A spinnaker is the big colorful balloon sail used for sailing with the wind. The one we had up yesterday now has about a 75’ long tear from top to bottom. Unfortunately, this sail was a year and a half new and really expensive ($4500) and it will take a zillion hours to repair if we decide to try… we do have plenty of time on our hands. We have another Spinnaker but will save it for the lighter winds ahead.

The wind has steadily increased since leaving Puerto Vallarta and when I typed this email this AM it was blowing around 25 knots and we are flying along at 7-8 knots. We are currently sailing on a beam reach to lay our first waypoint some 1700 NM distant. Beam reaching is not so comfortable with a NW swell that is rolling us from 10 degrees on port to 25 degrees on starboard about every 20 seconds. This makes it challenging to stay seated in front of my computer as I type this email. The boat is creaking and groaning (this is normal), hammocks full of fresh fruits and vegetables are swinging about quite violently and a full bunch of bananas is turning in to a banana smoothly and dripping on Karl as he sleeps. I just notice this and wake him up for a little damage control and a mushy banana.

As I sit back down at my nav station and peek out the port hole I see a squid stuck on the window. Six or so 5” long squid are on deck this morning and a few 8” flying fish as well. Last night as we put a reef in the main we had a dolphin escort off the bow creating iridescent tracers in the sea and shimmering sparkles that seemed to match that of the thousands of stars above.

Despite the chaos of the current swell and wind direction I’m having fun and feel great today with any sea sickness now behind me. The first 24 hours of the trip we logged 156 nautical miles. This is good and if we can keep it up we will be in the Marquesas in 18 more days.

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As of 2100 UTC 4-3-06
18 degrees 43.2 minutes N
107 degrees 34.5 minutes W
Course 251 M
Speed 6 Posted by Picasa

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