Monday, August 13, 2007

Departing Tanna for Erromango

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Last night we had a potluck BBQ at the Yacht club here in Port Resolution. Plenty of good conversation, food and great music provided by the local villagers. Before long everyone was dancing and many young children danced in the shadows just outside the light cast by the single bulb lighting the shelter (i.e yacht club). Kathy and I enticed several of the young girls aged five to eight into the light and taught them some basic swing dancing moves. Today we did some more laundry in the boiling hot water springs on the shore and enjoyed a great lunch of Indian food prepared by Kathy. After lunch we went ashore to visit Lillian and offer her a gift of fish hooks and fishing line and then walked to the outer beach to try to spot some migrating whales. Some friends had seen five swim by earlier in the afternoon. Back on the boat we are making final preparations for an early morning departure to Dillon Bay on Erromango Island about a ten hour sail.

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