Monday, August 13, 2007

Volcano water laundry day

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Laundry day with super heated volcano water

Our idea was to utilize the two hundred degree Fahrenheit water flowing form the hot springs on the beach to do some laundry. So, we packed up the laundry basket, soap, large cooler and headed to shore. The idea was to fill the cooler with clothes, hot water and laundry soap. This all went as planned, the only problem being the water was two hundred degrees just twelve degrees shy of boiling. Very hot water making it difficult to agitate the clothes and get them clean. I found the solution to be; a stick to carefully stir the laundry. Foreigners on the beach doing laundry in a thirty two quart cooler attracts attention on Tanna island. No less than five kids and two adults watched attentively at all times laughing at every false move when I might accidentally spill scalding water on myself and do a little pain dance. Just for comparison most homes have their hot water tanks set at one hundred forty degrees. Again, this water is very hot hot hot. I was very careful to avoid sloshes and spills as just a drop on your skin would inflict a slight burn. While we worked on the laundry we also cooked our lunch /dinner of taro root, sweet potato, pumpkin and yam in the same very hot water, but a different, clean pool. Laundry done and perhaps cleaner than ever, we floated the cooler full of steaming wet clothes out to the anchored dinghy and set the clothes to hang dry in the trade wind breeze. A productive day in paradise.

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