Sunday, September 16, 2007

Deep water

Enroute to Gaua Island, Vanuatu.
14°44.7405 S
167°29.6927 E
Water depth 10,560 feet deep

We are about half way to Losalava Bay achorage (14°12.4100 S by 167°34.1191 E) on Gaua Island where we'll be arriving just in time for a four day Arts festival. We've tried to contact the organizers serval times to confirm the show is on, but still harbor a little doubt as the guy to talk to doesn't answer his phone. The weather is very cooperative for the 84 nautical mile overnight passage with 10-12 knots of winds just aft of the beam and very slight seas. At the moment we are making great time doing 6.5+ knots and should arrive at about 9AM with good light to make our entrance into the anchorage. Occasional rain squalls temporarily blot out the otherwise star filled night. Orion points the way as he shines brightly off our starboard beam.

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