Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A little about Luganville

Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
15 degrees 33 minutes South
167 degrees 9 minutes East

A little about Luganville:

During WWII Luganville was a significant Allies' base housing nearly half a million personnel and at times a hundred ships anchored off the base. Ten thousand ni-vans (Local Vanuatu people) where employed and of the many buildings erected some still stand today. After the war all of the surplus equipment was offered to the Condominium government at cut rate prices, but they didn't respond thinking the troops would leave the surplus behind for free. The arrogant and short sighted American commander was apparently furious and feeling vindictive when he ordered that everything moveable including heavy equipment to cases of Coca-Cola be dumped into the sea at what is now called Million Dollar point. Needless to say the point is now a popular dive site. Luganville also boasts another screw up in the sinking of the USS President Coolidge a luxury liner converted to troop carrier when it struck a friendly mine and sunk. The ship is one of the largest accessible diveable ship wrecks in the world.

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