Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A brief history of Waterfall Bay

A brief (unofficial) history of Waterfall Bay

About ten years ago the area was resettled after a lengthy period of no permanent inhabitation. Previously, the vestiges of religion and attrition of introduced disease caused abandonment of the historical villages and consolidation closer to the missionary church in a nearby village about three hours walk to the south.

Many yachts call on Waterfall bay to enjoy the scenic seaside waterfall, towering cliffs laden with a thick carpet of impenetrable green, snorkel the pristine warm and clear waters filled colorful reef corals and fish. There is also a lovely fresh water spring in between some rocks at the edge of the beach. This is a wonderful place to end the day with a nice shower. A few shred ni-vans seized on the idea to resettle the Waterfall bay area in the pursuit of tourism dollars supplied by the yachts. The long vacant land and forgotten historical boundaries made ripe the opportunity for land and power grabs and thus the bay has three chiefs.

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