Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cape May, NJ to Chesapeake City, DE

Cape May was a nice little stop over after all. Kathy's birthday is still officially postponed until we reach Annapolis. However, we did manage to find a popular restaurant for a pre-birthday dinner.

Weather had us pinned down a few more days than expected at Cape May as we were considering going the offshore route down to Norfolk. Our patience for the right offshore weather to run south ran out before the weather appear so we headed up the Delaware bay to the C&D Canal that connects to the Chesapeake Bay. The new plan being we now sail down the Chesapeake to Norfolk or thereabouts as we think the weather is significantly warmer there.

Well, the weather gods did not smile on our idea to sail up Delaware Bay and we certainly didn't anticipate the Bay's ferocity nor ability to whip up some nasty weather. At 6AM with cold driving rain and 15-25+ knots of wind just forward of the beam the passage was quite unpleasant and actually ranks quite high on my list of worst trips. We toughed out the 50nm run up the bay under a double reef and nearly no jib showing after hitting sustained 12knots of boat speed. The speed was great it was just to rough and choppy to enjoy so we slowed the boat down to a less bone jarring 5-8 knots for most of the trip. One notable event was the sighting of another sailboat underway... it was the first on our journey from New York!

We are now tied up to the Chesapeake City free transient dock for the night and I'm enjoying letting my frozen toes un-thaw while Kathy has a quick nap. We plan on dinner ashore as a reward for our tough day.

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