Monday, April 21, 2008

Boat Yard bound then California

We just arrived in Baltimore after a blustery 25nm sail from Annapolis. Thunder, lightning and gusty winds made for an exciting sail. With a lull in the winds we decided to try out the spinnaker for the first time. All was going well with the huge colorful sail and we were making 8knots in fairly light winds. Then a down draft blasted us and the boat jumped in speed to over 16 knots in a matter of seconds making me a bit nervous and really testing the spinnaker. The wind increased further and I was ready to blow the spin sheet and try to save the sail, but then it ripped mightily making the snap decision just seconds before I did. Oh well, another item for the To Do List. As the boat down with the ripped sail I was actually relieved as 16+ knots is too fast for my level of comfort with the new boat. We took down the damaged spinnaker and a few minutes later the downdraft gust had subsided and we were gong on 5 knots with the main sail only.

Baltimore is really nice and highly accessible by yacht. We spent our first night anchored in the inner harbor and had a nice diner ashore.

Today we are hauling the boat to renew the bottom paint. Ugh! A dirty job for several days. Then the boat will be stored in the yard for maybe up to a month while we make a trip to California to work on Kathy's house. Her San Diego home has been a rental for 3-4 years and is ready for a freshen up with new paint, appliances and refinished hardwood floors.

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