Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big update

We've been busy since we sold our boat "La Vie" in Australia in early February. I feel I've really slacked on updating the blog so here we go.

The BIG NEW FIRST Kathy and I are engaged to be MARRIED! No exact dates or plans as of yet, but we'll be working on the wedding plans before too long.

Searching for and buying the new boat was a whirlwind, then getting the boat South a bit to find warmer weather was a rush, then getting started on a refit of our new boat in a Baltimore boat yard, then jetting over to California to remodel Kathy's old residence turned rental and now for sale. Big breath. Whew! Finally, we are back on the boat and trying to get organized and outfitted. Then next push is to get our Charter business going with a website and business plan. Then the fun begins with lots of friends and family visiting this summer as we cruise the NE USA. Winter will take us to new adventures in the glorious Caribbean islands. From there who knows.

The new boat is awesome. We'd love to have you visit so think about us for you next vacation. Our new website should be up in a week or two, will include both our blogs and lots more so stay tuned.

If you know someone looking for a great home in San Diego let have them call for more details.

Dave's number is (206)-852-5543
Kathy's number is (954)-305-2703

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