Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arrival down south

We finally made it to warm weather!  We left Beaufort, NC on Monday morning and sailed nonstop to Southern Georgia.  We anchored last night up the St. Mary's river across from the beautiful little town of St.  Mary's (30°45′23″N 81°34′17″W).  The river is on the border of Georgia and Florida, so depending on which way the boat is swinging we could be in either state.  We had an exhausting passage and after we dropped anchor we took showers, went into town for dinner (we sat in a bar and watched CNN, pretty exciting), then were in bed by 7:30pm for some much needed rest.  

We finally were able to do some warm water fishing along the way and on Tuesday we caught a nice big fish on the line but the line broke just as we were trying to pull it in.  I think it was a tuna.  Really too bad, we haven't caught anything good since we left the south pacific.  

St. Mary's is a quant little town which is the second oldest Spanish colonization in the U.S.  The streets are wide and lined with big oaks covered with Spanish moss.   There are sidewalks everywhere.  We've been having a pretty lazy day so far but plan to go walk some of those sidewalks pretty soon.

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