Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dismal Swamp transit

Yes, we just intentionally sailed through the Dismal Swamp. And yes, the Dismal Swamp is really a swamp that covers tens of thousands of acres and is complete with slithering reptiles, bugs and craggy trees. The journey began with a lock that raised us 8 feet above sea level and deposited us in the Dismal Swamp Canal a man made canal over 200 years old making it one of the oldest in America. Originally, built for commerce today the canal is used primarily by recreational boaters who seek to avoid sailing around Cape Hatters with it's vicious seas and unpredictable weather.

We were luck enough to enjoy the beauty of fall in New England and vivid colors of fall… and get out before seeing snow. In last few days we’ve traveled through the coastal waters of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virgina and North Carolina. Again, we are experiencing the changing fall colors as we move further South and are slowly passing up Jack Frost as we race for the warmer climes of the Caribbean.

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