Friday, November 28, 2008

Warm weather at last!

We are now in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and the weather is very nice for a change.  Temperatures today were near 80 degrees and the water is maybe 72 degrees.   On our way down from Boca Raton we sailed a few miles off shore and fished with out any catching, but Kathy wanted to go for a swim.  I stopped the boat and Kathy went for a swim in the perfect blue waters while I stayed aboard and attended to the boat.

We bought a new fishing pole today in the hopes that our fishing will improve with a pole.  Currently, our "old" fishing reel is bolted to the stern rail sans any pole.  Having recently lost a big Tuna very near the boat because the line chafed (because we didn't have a pole to guide the line) we decided to spend a boat buck and a half for a used rod and reel.  A boat buck is $100 for the uninitiated.

We plan on more day here in Lauderdale before heading to Miami for a week or so where we will take out 100 ton US Coast Guard written exams.

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