Monday, December 22, 2008

First Snorkel of the year

We did some major provisioning before we left Marathon. We really don't need a whole lot of staple supplies, after all we will be in Mexico and can get pretty much whatever we need for pretty cheap. But there are certain things we won't be able to get, at least not at a good price. Namely wine. So we took our little wheelie cart along with another rickety one from the marina and started the mile or more walk to the grocery store. We loaded up with quite a bit of wine, diet cokes, and all sorts of other stuff that we probably didn't need to. The walk back was pretty tough as 2 of the wheels on the marina cart broke. It made for a long hot walk back. After that we did 2 runs in the dingy to load up the jugs with water and one trip across the road to fill up the gas cans. By now we are tired and hungry and ready for a swim. We headed out the bay and only 5 miles out or so out is a great reef. They have moorings balls out there, first come serve. The moorings help protect the reef so boats won't be anchoring all over. We tied up and went for a great snorkel. We realized that it had been over a year since we went snorkeling. Not since we were in Vanuatu. It was a great swim, we saw a shark, lots of very big barracuda and pretty healthy coral. I think the fish get fed by snorkelers there because we were followed by hundreds of little yellow fish. It was pretty cute.

Random picture of Dave driving the Dinghy in Miami Beach

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