Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Key Largo, FL

Tonight we are anchored in Key Largo, FL (25*06N 80*26.5W) after a nice 40+nm mile sail in Easterly winds inside the Keys from Miami.  The waters were shallow, less than ten feet deep, and clear so it was a little shocking to sail through the skinny sections were the total depth was only five feet.  I could have jumped off the boat and walked at times it was so shallow.  Good thing we only need three feet to float!  We chose to sail down Biscayne Bay as the Keys and reefs provided protection from the Easterly winds and made for fast sailing on flat water.  Mostly close reaching in 10-15 knots with boat speeds in the mid fives to mid sevens.

Tomorrow we are planning on reaching Marathon, FL to replenish some stores and then look at the weather for a crossing to Mexico a two + day sail from Key West, FL.  Weather will be very important for the crossing as we will be dealing with a fight with adverse Gulf Stream currents.

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