Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mayan Ruins


We had a busy week with Dave's Mom and Don.  We spent a few days on Isla Mujeras, rented a golf cart and drove around the island and sampled the local Margaritas, excellent.  From there we had a great sail to the mainland port of Puerto Morelas.  We tied the boat up at a Marina and headed out for a road trip.  

First we went to the Ruins at Ek Balam.  The main Acroplis is huge at 105 feet tall and 525 feet wide with a large gallery atop.  We were able to climb up to the top, a bit scary.  This ruin was just opened in 2000.  It wasn't until just a few years after that one of the upper walls of the gallery collapsed exposing another galley full of sculptures and frescoes in absolutly perfect condition.  An Amazing site!

We headed to the town of Vallodolid and stayed the night in a great hacienda.  Had a lovely dinner and a good night sleep with HOT showers in the morning.  What a treat.  The following day we went to a church and convent that was constructed in the 1500's.  The Templo de San Bernandino has some recently uncovered 16th century frescoes.  The Convento de Sisal has a Cenote (sinkhole),  with a walled dome over it. Divers have found hundreds of ancient artifacts in the sinkhole. 

Then on to the famous ruins of Chichen Itza, a very well restored Mayan site.  the most impressive structure being the ball field, where one does NOT want to lose the game!  The acoustics are amazing one can talk at a normal conversational voice at one end and be heard at the other end 444 feet away.  We testing this out and it worked (even with 100 tourists in the middle!)


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