Monday, August 24, 2009

Albuquerque Cays & Cayo Este Sudeste

One of our next stops is at Albuquerque Cays or Cayo Albuquerque about 20 nautical miles South of San Andreas. We hear that the cays are spectacular. This image is from the international space station. It appears to be oriented 180 degrees out thus, in need of 180 degree rotation.

Here's the route we hope to use. Until we get a chance to edit DO NOT USE THESE WP's.

Albu01 12°11.4829 N 081°52.8750 W
Albu02 12°11.2490 N 081°51.8308 W
Albu03 12°11.2190 N 081°51.7870 W
Albu04 12°10.9550 N 081°51.6862 W
Albu05 12°10.1020 N 081°51.2169 W
Albu06 12°09.9320 N 081°50.9751 W
Albu07 12°09.8640 N 081°50.8288 W
Albu08 12°09.7590 N 081°50.6989 W
Albu09 12°09.7530 N 081°50.4489 W

Another ISS short shows off the pristine Cayo Este Sudeste or ESE Cays about 17 nm to the ESE of San Andreas. This image needs to be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

We hear that visibility is 200' while snorkeling.

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