Saturday, August 29, 2009


Of all the countries we have traveled to in the past few years the Colombians are by far the nicest we have met. They will go out of their way to give you directions or show you the way or just to chat. They are a very sociable lot. On the island of San Andreas there are a handful of liquor stores that turn out to be the social gathering place for the evening. Just walk in, buy your poison and hang out outside with the music blaring. If your lucky there might be a few chairs and even some tables. One such night we met a young couple there on holiday from Bogota. One a banker, one an accountant. Products of the young growing economic boom of Bogota. The were happy to practice their English and I, Kathy, got an impromptu salsa and meringue lesson. The guy was so cute when he would tell me to move my lips. I corrected him a few times by shouting out over the music "hips", but he never caught on. Well it was more entertaining that way. We became fast friends and they are excited to show us around their city if we make it up there.

What was extra nice about San Andreas is that even though it's a tourist island we never got harassed by vendors selling snorkel trips, coconuts or any thing else. Frankly they see us gringo's and they don't know what to do with us. We think we saw 2 other North Americans why we where there but no sure. In general it's really just a holiday place for Colombians.

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