Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arrived in Panama waters

Anchored at Isla Naranjo Abajo, Panama
An excellent anchorage at position: 09°25.6297 N 079°48.1682 W about 6nm SE of the entrance to the Panama Canal. This was not our intended destination, but it was getting late in the day and we are having a little difficulty with one of our engines.

As we approached the Panama coast we were greeted with lots of squall activity, strong winds and heavy rain. Not exactly ideal conditions for negotiating the heavy shipping traffic moving in and out of the Panama Canal. Again, the AIS was invaluable in identifying ship movement and possible hazards. The skys cleared as we approached the anchorage and we enjoyed wonderful and surprisingly cool evening. I think the temperature dropped to a chilly 79 degrees likely due to the heavy rains.

Today we will begin a slow journey toward Cartagena, Colombia. We expect may take around two weeks as we leisurely cover the 330nm with short day sails.

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