Thursday, October 01, 2009

San Blas Islands.. Molas, Lobster and Lightning.

Sorry for the lack of new posts on the blog. I managed to really mess up the computer we use for email via Sailmail. Oops! Thus, the time I usually reserve for writing was spent trying to "fix" the software on my computer. I've now switched to a back up computer so hopefully the posts will be more frequent.
Lightning here in the San Blas is fierce and very frequent. We are often in the Inter-continental convergence zone (ITCZ)where the weather is never settled. Some days it seems the sky never ceases to flash and bang non-stop day and night. During these frightening storms the wind may blast to 40 knots from any direction or it may just pour rain or both. Electrical storms and computers don't mix so this is my other excuse for not updating the site more frequently.

Lots to write about to catch up on the last few weeks. First off the engine repairs from a few weeks ago were mis-directed and I've subsequently now identified the 'real' problem.... a faulty fuel injector pump. So our Port side engine is out of service. This is a major bummer as it really limits where and when we move the boat. Running on one engine is pretty tricky. Imagine a one legged duck... swimming in circles. That's us trying to maneuver our 23'-4" wide boat with one engine. Until she gets up a few knots of speed she would prefer to go in a circle. With the numerous dangerous reefs and tight anchorages we have to be really careful as a error could be very costly at best. Needless to say this engine problem has put a big kink in our plans and we've spent a lot of time staying put waiting for perfect weather to move around.

The upside of not moving so much is we've made lots of new friends by staying in one place much longer than normal. In the East Lemons anchorage we started to form a routine that included swimming, beach volleyball, Yoga (where Kathy was the instructor) and lots of socializing.

We finally changed anchorages yesterday. Good thing as one of the boats we were sharing an anchorage with was struck by lightning this morning and they lost all the electronics. No injuries other than financial. If you stay here for a while they say its not a matter of IF you get hit by lighting in the San Blas, but only a matter of when.

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