Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cayos Cajones (Hobbies) off lying islands and reefs of Honduras

January 17, 2009

Anchored at: 16°02.4939 N 083°06.3599 W in 6.5 meters over sand with excellent holding.

Approaching the Cayos Cajones from the South we used approach Waypoint 15°58.0000 N 083°06.0000 W and steered a course of 355° T direct to the anchorage at: 16°02.4939 N 083°06.3599 W This route keeps a breaking reef a safe distance to starboard (shown on C-Map charts) and then passes a low sand island to Port (not shown on chart) and a small island (Boobie Island not shown on chart) with a structure and palm trees to Starboard. Just North of Boobie island, aptly named for the many Boobies whom make it home, one could also find a nice anchorage over a sand bottom. The approach to our anchorage has a minimum depth of 6.5 meters found at the anchorage, making the approach quiet easy in good light.

We jumped in the water for a quick snorkel before lunch, hoping to catch something for lunch. A small pass between a inner reef and the outer reef yielded some fine spear fishing. Within three dives I had lunch procured in the form of a 16 inch hog fish... I had many to choose from. Visibility was terrible as a result of the strong high winds this last week (Norther) and perhaps this made the spear fishing easier as the fish couldn't see me diving down. From the top looking down you couldn't see the bottom 30'ish feet below and it was a little spooky to just swim straight down, but then bam you would see a small coral head surround by all sorts of pretty big fish. Almost too easy.

Shortly after our arrival several Cayuca (small canoes) started heading our way. The first was a pair of fishermen named David and Martine whom had a cayuca with a sizeable pile of lobsters, conch, crab and fish. Very friendly guys whom had been out on the cayos for over a month and were going to stay for another month. They invited us to lunch tomorrow and already we are thing it sure would be nice to stay another day as the wind is getting really light and the water should clear up overnight for excellent snorkeling tomorrow.

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