Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wedding preparations

January, 26, 2010

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize.

We pretty much have the wedding details finalized after making a few adjustments.

Sunset wedding is planned for the dock at Iguana Reef Inn around 5:20PM as the sun sets at 5:52PM local on Valentines Day. Ceremony will be short and sweet and we just met with the very nice man whom will be conducting the ceremony. Coincidentally his name is Valentino.

The reception is planned for Agave which is a pretty major change from our original idea of using Bamboo. We decided we would feel more comfortable with Agave as it has better weather protection should it be a windy or rainy evening.

Spent the last few breakfasts meeting with the owner of Agave to work out details and evening meetings with the chef of Agave to sample the food. We decided on a time tested fresh garlic and butter 10oz lobster tail with an accompaniment of subtle coconut rice and steamed vegetables. For the non-seafood eaters we have a tequila lime chicken breast served with grilled potatoes and steam vegetables. To start things off a colorful Caribbean style green salad with a BBQ mango dressing. We individually tasted six different dressing and are sure you'll love this one. Nothing too fancy, but the lobster lovers are in for a treat.

This AM we walked the perimeter of the island looking for flower gardens that might offer cuttings to adorn our dinner tables. Next we will make the rounds and ask permission to harvest some of these tropical wonders. After a solid and fast walk we enjoyed a well earned breakfast that even included cinnamon rolls.

I gained a new flip flop induced blister on my big toe today to go next to the one I earned yesterday. It seems we've been up and down this island at least 10 times with all the walking to accomplish our wedding planning. I even changed to a different pair of flips today, but 5 or 6 miles in the sand is tough on the toes. Tomorrow I'll need to break out another pair to shift the rub spots to a slightly different spot. Ahh the trials of island life.

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