Friday, May 07, 2010

Banda Ancha 3G Baby!

Ok, so we are 30 nautical miles out of Cabo on our way North doing the 'Baja Bash' and we have internet! A big thank you to our new freinds on s/v Sea Level for giving us this device shortly before they shoved off for the South Pacific.

So what the heck is Banda Ancha? It's spanish for Broadband internet or 3G. It's the little black USB device seen in the picture above with the work 'TELCEL'. Actually, I'm the last person anyone should ask having been pretty much disconnected any new technological developments the last what five years. So this Banda Ancha is likley old news to everyone except me. But, darn if it is so very cool to have internet while doing the Baja Bash or for at least parts of the Bash.

Current Postion 23* 16' N 110* 13' W at 2:15PM on May 7, 2010.

We are motorsailing at 7.4 knots which is much better than this AM when we got down to 3.8 knots made good over ground as we rounded the cape near Cabo San Lucas.

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