Sunday, May 09, 2010

Magdalena Bay sand dunes

Doing some fishing from the dinghy, but no catching.
Pulled up to the sand dune. Yes, we did do this on purpose. The water was deep and the shore steep so we could pull right up and jump off the boat to shore. Getting back on the boat was a bit more difficult.
Kathy jumped off the boat to snap a few pictures. Pretty cool. Too bad we didn't think of taking a picture from the top of the mast while pulled up to the dune. That would have been really awesome.

Kathy poses for a picture before jumping off the boat to take a few pics herself.
Heading North up the estuary in Magdalena Bay.
Trying to find the channal of deeper water. At severl points we had less than 0.3 meters of water under the boat or about 1' under the keels.

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