Saturday, May 15, 2010

Turtle Bay (Baja Bash)

May 15, 2010 9:30PM MST
Day 1720
Position: 27°41 'N 114°53'W
Anchored in Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortuga)
Miles YTD: 4403
Miles since day 1: 30,627

Last time I was anchored here in Bahia Tortuga was in early November of 2005 about two months in to the sailing adventure. Sailing the 325nm from San Diego to Turtle Bay with the 2005 Baja Ha Ha fleet represented one of my more significant passages up to this point. Looking back it was laughably easy and I expended far too much stress worrying about everything.

Shortly after arriving and getting the anchor down we took on fuel from Anabelle. I had them fill my 50 liter jug first and guess what their meter showed 50 liters! The price was right at 9.29 pesos per liter only a 1 peso premium over standard PEMEX filling stations and quite a bargain considering we a considerable distance from anywhere else and free delivery. The Anabelle fuel scow was nicely set up sufficient fenders an accurate fuel meter and two filling nozzles. One large for the big boats and one small nozzle for the typical sailboat deck fill. The guys on-board were very conscientious about keeping things clean and wiped up spills and even dirty foot prints with rags promptly. Flow rate was easy to modulate and thus it was a quick and tidy filling operation. The bill was presented in US dollars which based on my calculations would have cost us an extra $5USD over the correct price in pesos. Hey they gotta try right? We paid $1820 pesos for 196 liters and thus got a fair deal and gave each of the guys a beer as a small propina (tip). So as it turns out all the horror stories I read about in the 'Letters' section of my favorite sailing magazine were disproved as we had a perfect experience getting fuel in Turtle Bay. Buy your fuel from Anabelle in Turtle Bay.

Really enjoyed our trip today in the warmth and comfort of our pilot house. Glad we didn't have to sit outside in the cockpit all bundled up. Instead I wore shorts and tee shirt most of the day while water temps dropped as low as 56 degrees and winds to 18 knots true would have made for a miserable wet day in a more typical sailboat. Instead both Kathy and I sat on our 'couch' and were both pretty much on watch all day as we read books and kept a constant lookout which is so easy to do again because of all the great real glass windows in out pilot house Atlantic 42 sailing catamaran designed by Chris White and built by Lombardi yachts of Virgina. I now know why our catamaran won the 1998 multi-hull of the year award and the same design is still built today.

Perhaps, we can show off our boat to some prospective catamaran owners or catamaran fans with a week long British Columbia catamaran sailing charter or two this year. Or perhaps a weekend of catamaran sailing charter in Puget Sound. Interested? Drop us an email.

Tomorrow, we plan to head for San Diego as weather looks good for the remaining 325 odd miles. Lets hope the forecast holds.

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