Saturday, June 26, 2010

2000 mile road trip

This last week we've embarked on a road trip to Oregon via a very unusual form of transportation... for us. An automobile. We rented a truck in Santa Cruz and made a trip to Oregon. Along the way we spent a night in Medford, Oregon then drove the 101 up the beautiful Oregon coast to Astoria to check out the haul out facility. The Port of Astoria has a really big travel lift that can accommodate our 23'-3" beam (travel lift can take 25' beam?). Thence we traveled over the bridge to Washington and back to Portland, Oregon.

In Portland we caught up with some cruising friends Kent and Heather Sisk whom we met in in Belize in 2009. Kent and Heather were out racing there bright red J-24 sloop after their Thursday night races. We met up at the 'Deck' restaurant on the Columbia river after the race and enjoyed a fun night out. We crashed at Heather and Kent's for the night.

On Friday we spent the day with my college roommate Jeff Dawson at his awesome newly remodeled home is Lake Oswego. Jeff has spent the last few years customizing his hillside home with tons of amazing details. It's now for sale so if you are looking for a 5 bedroom 4 bath 3200 super cool home at a bargain price of around $600,000 (due to the recession) let me know and we'll put you in touch Jeff's Realtor. A few years ago this home might have fetched 1 million. Anyway, Jeff took us to Costco for some shopping and then we enjoyed a great night barbecuing and hanging out.

Today we drove from Portland to Redding, CA to pick up a replacement crankshaft for our old Yanmar engine, which we just sold so we owe the new owner of the engine the part.

Onward to Sacramento we are now at Kathy's Aunt Kitty's house for a huge BBQ , fine wines and a good nights sleep before we push on to Santa Cruz.

Lot of traveling, but lots of fun and a nice diversion from our sailing life.

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