Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaving Morro Bay, CA

June 13, 2010 7:50AM
Anchored in Morro Bay, CA

Finally, a short spell of good weather is upon us. We hope to make the most of flatter seas and lighter winds by making some miles good toward Francisco about 180nm distant. In the last few days seas have been running 11-13 feet plus local wind waves on top. Today, the underlying swell is down to around 5 feet at 9 seconds.

Morro Bay is a great stop with freindly people and a charming waterfront town that stil maintains close ties to it's roots in the fishing industry. To gaze at Morro Rock is amazing and worth a visit alone.

Renewed our yacht club membership with Sloop Tavern Yacht Club in Seattle. and looking forward to participating in the club once we get back to home waters. Reciprocal yacht club privileges will also be hugely beneficial with the many ports of call we plan to make between now and fall.

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