Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Yanmar 3YM30 engine installed via dinghy

Kathy handles the business end of the chain hoist. Onlookers wonder what the heck we are doing putting a 30 horsepower engine in our 10.5 foot dinghy.
Lowering our new Yanmar 3YM30 engine into our 10.5' dinghy for transport to LightSpeed. We decided it would be easier to move the engine from our truck to LightSpeed via the dinghy then risk moving the boat to the dock side crane with only one engine. Maneuvering LightSpeed in confined spaces with only one engine is like rowing a boat with only one oar... you have a propensity to just go in circles with the likely result of a crash, thus our decision to use the dink to move the engine to the boat and avoid the drama. A dock side crane made it pretty easy to lift the 380 pound engine from truck and lower it into the dink. From the dink we used the topping lift and our power halyard winch via LightSpeed's boom to lift the engine and lower it into the engine room. All and all it went very smooth.

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